Comes October - carded cloud of BFL and Long wools, mohair, for felting and crafts


This is a 4 ounce carded cloud of fiber for hand spinning and/or felting. This blend creates a fantastic, colorful, artful yarn.

An autumnal colorway full of bright tricks and/or treats! 

A blend of vibrantly dyed fibers designed especially for creativity in spinning and felting projects. 100% made in the USA from homegrown, hand washed, dyed, blended and fully carded, Bluefaced Leicester wools, Alpaca, Border Leicester and kid mohair. This blend has firestar added for extra sparkle. Spinners familiar with commercial combed top, which can be dense and require significant predrafting, will likely find this carded preparation easier to spin. The fibers are minimally processed to help retain the unique characteristics of each fiber. 

This colorway is also available in 8oz and 1 pound lots. For more or less please convo me for a reserved listing. 

Sustainably raised and processed fiber; hand-dyed and carded into a cloud at 


Price: $21.00
Weight: 4 oz