Carded Wool, Yarn & Knitwear


Custom Carding

Dakota Carding & Wool Co. offers you custom fiber processing of your wool, animal fibers, exotics and misc. fibers. 

Our mission is to add value to local agricultural products while living in a sustainable environment.

  • Custom washing, carding and handspinning of your wool and other fibers.
  • Beautiful handspun & millspun yarns created from local fiber sources.
  • Specialized carded wool color blends for your spinning & felting projects.

Owner, Kelly Knispel, a handspinner and shepherd of 25 years, raises Bluefaced Leicester sheep and Angora goats for their beautiful wool and mohair locks in the "land of infinite variety."  She hand shears the long locks, gently processes the fibers with natural soaps and uses plant dyes or protein fiber dyes to color the locks. The wool and mohair fibers are then carded on an industrial carding mill which produces a fully carded cloud ready to spin or felt.  Wool & fibers are spun on spinning wheels where they become luxurious yarns to knit and weave.

Biotayarns© wearable art designs, color fiber blends & yarns are created at Dakota Carding & Wool; one of a kind creations inspired by the colors that grace the prairie landscape.