Watch how 'Clara', our carding mill, cards fibers into carded cloud here - this is a 40 second video.

The wonderful Roving Reporter, Kate Larson, shares with you how to prep our carded cloud for handspinning here.

Kate then shares 3 ways to handspin Dakota Carding and Wool cloud here.  Thank you to Kate and Long Thread Media (formerly Interweave Press) for their continued support and interest in our carded color blends.

Please browse our products for many fine hand spinning blends. 

If you are interested in learning how to spin yarn please send us a message. Kelly teaches beginning/advanced spinning classes at several venues and at her studio.

At Dakota Carding and Wool we raise BFL sheep for their spinning fiber which we wash, dye, card and then twist into yarn on spinning wheels  - we also will CUSTOM CARD your fibers!