SpinOlution Drop Spindle, handspindle for wool spinning, making yarn by hand, 3 sizes to choose from


SpinOlution starts with the iconic design of the Mach wheel as the weight, they balance them, and add a hook so they can be used both as a top or bottom whorl hand spindle. 

Each Spindle comes with 8 copper buttons that adjust the weight of each Spindle to the appropriate weight for the yarn being spun.

This listing is for one, new, SpinOlution hand spindle for $35.00 - you may choose Small, Medium or Large. 

Add more weight with the copper buttons each weighing 0.225 oz

All four spindles (laceweight, small, medium, large) sold as a set for $90.00 including a stand. 

Please contact Dakota Carding and Wool if you have any questions.

Thank you for looking.

Price: $35.00
Weight: 1 lb