Hand Spinning class - hand spinning instruction


Beginning Spinning Class here at Dakota Carding and Wool Co/Studio:

Learn the ancient art of putting twist into fiber to make your own yarn! This class will include beginning wheel spinning and/or drop spindle instruction for those seeking information and hands on help in learning to spin wool into yarn. 

The class features an introduction to wool and other spinning fibers, tools of the trade, spinning terms and techniques used to operate the spinning wheel/spindle. You will receive help with drafting the fibers, getting the twist into the wool and take up onto the bobbin. You will spin a singles yarn and wind your yarn off the bobbin with a niddy-noddy.

Each participant will be supplied with a variety of fiber preparations to learn with and fiber to take home to continue your practice.

Participants will learn the steps in taking raw wool and turning it into yarn.

Students should bring a spinning wheel in working order and/or hand spindle. If you need to borrow a spinning wheel, please send a request here  Some chairs and folding chairs will be able; you may also bring your own chair.

Class size is limited.
[Thank you and I look forward to meeting you for a spinning class. kelly]

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