Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel - to be ordered


The Schacht Cherry Ladybug Spinning Wheel is a beginner-friendly spinning wheel that is easy to treadle and easy to take with you, in gorgeous maple wood. The Ladybug has the characteristic solid Schacht construction and its unique design is both functional and charming. Built-in carrying handles are designed right into the legs and its light weight makes the Ladybug easy to pick up and transport. The Ladybug Spinning Wheel uses Scotch tension, and can also be used in double drive or bobbin-led mode.


  • Double Treadle
  • Scotch Tension, Double Drive, and Bobbin-led capabilities
  • Weight: 13½ lbs
  • Orifice Height: 27"
  • Drive Wheel Diameter: 16" 
  • Ratios: 6.5:1, 8:1, 9:1, and 10.5:1

Included accessories:

  • Poly drive band
  • Double drive band
  • Threading hook
  • 3 travel bobbins
  • Medium and Fast Whorls

Additional accessories are available for the Schacht Cherry Ladybug via special order.

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Price: $949.00
Weight: 14 lb