Midnite, biotayarns' carded wool blend for handspinning and felting


Soft, long locks of Bluefaced Leicester wool are carefully sheared, dyed and carded together with fine grade Alpaca and Merino top into a lofty cloud preparation.  This blend spins easily into a woolen yarn, thick or thin, and will produce a beautiful, long lasting yarn that will hold up to wear while providing comfortable soft warmth.

'Midnite' opalescence colorway, a midnight blue coloring will make a perfect yarn for fingerless gloves, hats or shawls.  This blend will also felt and would make a festive yuletide table runner.

A truly wonderful product made with wool from our sheep that are pasture raised and hand sheared for the finest in wool fibers (4-5 inch locks). The healthy, wool locks are hand washed with biodegradable soap, dyed with professional fiber dyes, hand blended and then carded on our carding mill.

70% Wool, 30% fine grade Alpaca

This listing is for 4 ounces of hand spinning bliss ~ Create your own artisan wool project today!
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Price: $23.00
Weight: 4 oz