Shawlette in BFL and Samoyed Dog Down, handspun and hand knit by Biotayarns


A natural white shawl/scarf featuring Samoyed dog down blended with our BFL wool, handspun and handknit here at Dakota Carding and Wool.

Comfortable, exquisite, soft and one of a kind - this shawlette is made with hand spun BFL wool and combed dog down raised in SD.  The BFL wool was raised here on our wool farm. The wool was gently sheared and skirted, washed and then blended with the Samoyed Dog down and then spun into yarn on site here at DCW. The Samoyed dog down was provided by the owners of these beautiful, shedding dogs.

The shawl measures 12 inches wide at the center. The total length is 60 inches plus 5" tassels at either end.

Wool garments should be hand washed with care, rinsed and then laid flat to air dry.

If you have any questions please send me a msg.

Thank you for looking at this locally made wool shawl!

Price: $110.00
Weight: 5 oz