Biotayarns plant dyed yarn - Einband Istex wool yarn dyed with natural dyes- lace weight - 273 yards


Plant dyed yarn in four fabulous colors:

Marigold - brilliant gold
Basil - olive green
Tansy - yellow green
Dill - pale yellow 

I dye wool locks from my sheep, mohair locks from my angora goats and any type of wool yarn I have in my studio. This time of year the garden is bursting at the seams with plenty of plant material to dye wool. 
I dyed this Einband - Icelandic wool, lace weight, single ply yarn with dyes I made from marigold blossoms, dill weed, basil plants and tansy growing in my garden. All natural dyes, light fast and the color will not wash out. Each skein is 273 yards and 50 grams.

I am selling 1 skein of each color. The yarn is dyed, rinsed and ready to use in your next knitting project. When you place your order please indicate which color of yarn you are interested in purchasing.

If you have questions or would like to create a custom order please msg me.
Thank you for looking.
Peace & Wool.

Price: $15.00
Weight: 50 g