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Carding Services

Washing wool/mohair $3.50 lb.
Washing fine wool $4.00 lb.
Llama & alpaca, to wash $3.50 lb.
Rewash too greasy fleece $3.00 lb.
Carding most fibers $5.00 lb.
2nd run for extra cleaning/more homogeneous blend $4.00 lb.
Llama/alpaca carding $8.00 lb.
2nd run $5.75 lb.
Angora Rabbit/wool blends (up to 50% angora only) $6.00 lb.
Mohair blends 50/50 $5.25 lb.
Hand blending of color/fibers $2.50 lb.
Thrums carded, 3" or less, no knots $5.00 lb.
Custom dyeing $4.50 lb.


Clean carded wool (white & natural colored) $20.00 lb.
Clean carded alpaca (white & natural colored) $6.50 oz.
White mohair for blending, carded price $26.00 lb.


Dyed marbleized blend (1/3 kid mohair, 1/3 dyed or natural colored wool, 1/3 other fibers such as alpaca, nylon, rayon, silk, glitz) $18.00 /
4 oz. bag
Color sample set $12.00

Carding Services
Carding Services



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