Racka Wall Weaving - Biotayarns handspun & handknit art


A wall hanging woven from handspun Racka sheepswool. This biotayarns' handmade, decorative weaving adorns a wall space here at the studio.

Dimensions: 36" long x 18" wide

Colors include: natural white, cream and lite brown with a dark green rayon warp.

The rustic wool locks are firmly woven into the wall hanging with the same wool only handspun into a bulky twist yarn.

This weaving is made from wool fibers gently harvested from Racka sheep in Hungary.

Racka Sheep are native to the plains of Hungary. They have a double coat and distinctive curly horns. The Racka breed was displaced

by Merino sheep during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. By the middle of the twentieth century, this breed had become endangered.

Long curly, lustrous wool with an outercoat and undercoat of white shading into or out of browns. Some are black.

Hand wash woolen garments in cool water with a mild detergent, rinse and lay flat to air dry.
You are welcome to request a custom order for this style of wall hanging.
Thank you for looking.

Price: $0.00
Weight: 8 oz