Biotayarns' Alpaca/Finn, natural colored - it's all about hand spinning yarn


Natural colored Finnsheep wool and Alpaca plus dyed in the wool Merino & Wensleydale locks carded together into a fine blend of fibers for hand spinning yarn or for exquisite felted creations. 

This soft textured Alpaca/Wool blend spins/felts into a warm, creamy brown colored yarn or material!

Spinners accustomed to commercial combed top, which can be dense and require significant predrafting, will likely find this carded preparation easy to spin. Carded cloud is made by feeding washed wool (and other fibers) into a carding mill that opens up the locks, removes vegetable matter and passes it through several carding rollers that card/comb the fibers but does not align the fibers parallel as in combed top. The wool you spin directly from this cloud will make a beautiful woolen yarn the same as is spun from wool roving or batts.
All animal fibers contained in this blend are sustainably raised by local shepherds, washed with mild, eco friendly soap and carded into a beautiful carded cloud at Dakota Carding & Wool Co.

Handwashable & Local

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Price: $25.00
Weight: 4 oz