Sheepskin - natural colored sheep pelt for chairs, motorcycles - made in the usa


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Cozy, durable sheepskins from our flock of pasture raised sheep.  Local pickup is available

Extra Large, Natural gray, Sheepskin from our BFL sheep - measuring 48" in length down the middle and 28" in width at its widest.

A great gift for yourself and everyone you know! Sheepskins are wonderful to sit on, to walk on as a rug on the floor and to lie upon as a mattress topper.  Our natural sheepskins provide warmth and support for your back when draped over your favorite chair and serve as a natural cushion seat cover on your motorcycle or in a wheelchair.  So many uses for this natural gift item and it will last for years to come.

Made of soft, plush, long (5 inch pile) wool our premium USA sheepskin will soothe even the most sensitive skin.  The natural insulating properties of wool make this pelt a year around accessory for your home and lifestyle as wool fleece wicks moisture away from the body and warms in the winter.

Our healthy sheepskins are raised right here at Dakota Carding and Wool farm in South Dakota where we practice regenerative farming and grazing methods.  The hides are professionally tanned in Pennsylvania.

Our naturally hypoallergenic sheepskins are free of any substances that could harm, they are flame resistant and tanned for ease of care. Simply shake out and hang outside to air or vacuum periodically.  Spot wash with water and a mild detergent to remove small accidents.  Do not wash in a washing machine.

These sheepskins are harvested from purposeful sheep raised sustainably on our family farm.

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