Just Reds - wool for hand spinning into yarn and felting crafts


Just reds is a very soft, vibrant blend of wool and alpaca fibers carded into a cloud for handspinning an artful yarn. This blend will also work well in felting projects.

Biotayarns dyes bold colors and brings together many fibers designed especially for creativity in spinning and felting projects. 100% made in the USA from local grown, hand washed, dyed, blended and fully carded Bluefaced Leicester and Border Leicester and Alpaca wool (this blend may feature a bit of firestar for sparkle)

This color blend makes an excellent felted piece or yarn to knit or crochet into holiday stockings or valentine hearts.

This listing is for 4 oz. of carded fiber ~Treat yourself...
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Just Reds is made by feeding washed and dyed long wools, alpaca, glitz & firestar into a carding mill which opens up the locks, removes vegetable matter and blends it as it passes through several carding rollers that card/comb the fibers but does not align the fibers parallel as in combed top. The wool you spin directly from this cloud will make a beautiful woolen yarn the same as is spun from wool roving.

The animals whose fibers are in this blend were raised by shepherd's in the US dedicated to the fiber arts and to their fiber animals.
All of the fibers have been carefully sheared, washed, dyed and carded using ecologically safe soaps and dyes.
Handwashable -

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Price: $24.00
Weight: 4 oz