Pretty in Pink carded wool to handspin or felt - sustainably raised


A rosy blend of fibers carded into a cloud for hand spinning an artful yarn. This blend will also work well in felting projects.

The current Pretty in Pink carded wool color blend contains 80% Cormo, CVM x Merino wools, 15% fine grade Alpaca from LT Fibers, 5% Border Leicester lambswool from Marsh Creek Crossing and a smidge of firestar.  The small 'pretty in pink' skein in the picture was handspun at 1370 yards per pound and is not part of this sale.

Biotayarns Spinner's Web is made by feeding washed wool (and other fibers) into a carding mill that opens up the locks, removes vegetable matter and passes it through several carding rollers that card the fibers but does not align the fibers parallel as in combed top. The wool you spin directly from this cloud preparation can be spun in a woolen or semi-worsted style. Spinners familiar with commercial combed top, which can be dense and require significant predrafting, will likely find this carded preparation easier to spin. The fibers are picked and carded (no pin drafting) to help retain the unique characteristics of each fiber.

The animals whose fibers are in this blend were raised by shepherd's dedicated to the fiber arts and to their fiber animals.
All of the fibers have been carefully sheared, washed, dyed and carded using ecologically safe soaps and dyes.

Please remember that colors may appear different on your monitor than in real life. Every effort has been made to convey the colors in my photos as the fiber blend appears to me in person. These stock photos are taken in natural daylight without any color effects. I card many pounds of this fiber blend colorway some variation between batches will exist, similar to dye lots in yarn.

Handwashable - Who grows your yarn?

Price: $24.00
Weight: 4 oz