Garden Shawl - soft alpaca and wool, plant dyed and locally produced


Biotayarns© original design Garden Shawl is made using plant dyed yarns in 3 different fibers: alpaca, wool and wool/mohair

This handknit shawl in a drapey, triangular shape measures: 58 inches across at the top edge and 27 inches from the point to the top edge.

I harvest Tansy, tanacetum vulgaris, a strew herb, from my perennial dye garden here in SD. I cook the Tansy in water to release the color. The yarn is dyed using alum as the mordant along with the plant dye.  This yarn was then rinsed, dried and knit into this cuddly-warm shawl.   Tansy is a lovely garden flower dye that is lighfast and will not wash out.

Handwash with care.

sustainable wool - locally created


Price: $60.00
Weight: 12 oz