Biotayarns 'Hemp on the Missouri River' hand spun yarn - Cormo, Targhee wool blend yarn - 385 yards - knit, weave, crochet


This is a large handspun skein of yarn for your unique knit, crochet or woven project.

Biotayarns are made with locally sourced wool. The cormo and targhee wool in this yarn was grown & harvested on small sheep farms, by shepherds I custom card for, here in the prairie states. 

This is a worsted weight handspun yarn ready for you to knit, crochet or weave into your own unique creation. This skein weighs 8 ounces and is 385 yards.

It is my pleasure to dye, card and spin wool fibers together and then ply the wool with hemp to produce this artisan yarn.

Please handwash this yarn.

This real wool is healthy, pasture raised Cormo wool, Targhee wool washed with eco friendly soap, gently carded & spun by hand.

Thank you for looking.

Price: $65.00
Weight: 8 oz