Mesa - BFL and Border Leicester wool locks carded into a cloud for hand spinning


The Mesa color blend is comprised of natural colored, black Border Leicester lambswool and adult Border Leicester wool locks harvested from sheep raised in MN and BFL wool locks raised right here in South Dakota.  The white BL and BFL wool locks were dyed with professional protein fiber dyes and then hand blended with the natural colored BL lambswool.  The next step is carding the fibers by feeding them through our industrial carding mill which produces the carded cloud pictured in the photos.

Pure and simple washing and carding of these fleeces gives you an easy to draft, airy preparation great for spinning a woolen style yarn.  This wool was well cared for while it was growing on the sheep by shepherds who raise the sheep for their handspinning wool.  The wool has been washed with biodegrable soap and carded without chemicals or oils. Gentle processing here at our mill ensures the fiber retains its unique characteristics.

This Biotayarns© carded cloud is ready to ship as a 4 ounce quantity.


All sheep involved in the this blend are currently growing more fiber in the United States.  Wool: a totally renewable resource.

Price: $24.00
Weight: 4.5 oz