CVM x Corriedale Wool - carded cloud for hand spinning


This wool comes from Millie a CVMxCorriedale ewe raised on the Dresow Family Farm in Lonsdale.  Her fleece is 3 1/2 inches in length with beautiful crimp and ready for you to spin into a super soft and lofty yarn.

Pure and simple washing and carding of this fleece gives you an easy to draft, airy preparation great for spinning a woolen or semi-worsted style yarn.  This fleece was well cared for while it was growing on Millie and virtually free of vm.  This fleece has now been washed with biodegrable soap and carded without chemicals or oils. Gentle processing here at our mill ensures the fiber retains its unique characteristics.

This Biotayarns© carded cloud is ready to ship as a 1 pound quantity.


Millie is currently growing more fiber in the United States.  Wool: a totally renewable resource.

Price: $48.00
Weight: 1.2 lb