Carded fiber blend "Brown Rose" alpaca/wool/mohair - Biotayarns' spinning blend for artisan yarns and felting, 4 ounces


"Brown roses are unique flowers. They are both tender and sweet, yet not too girly and perfect for your male companion. Brown roses may be found in various shades for you to admire, from smokey to iced-tea, brown roses can be found and can be used as you please, for any occasion you may think of!"

This combination of natural colored brown alpaca fibers, pinkish, maroon and madder red wool locks plus cinnamon brown mohair is a beautiful blend of color and fiber. Alpaca, Wool and Kid Mohair are a balance of elegance and practicality in any garment you wish to create.  4 ounces of this carded blend is ready to ship, larger quantities are available.

Biotayarns© Spinner's Web is made by feeding washed wool (and other fibers) into a carding mill that opens up the locks, removes vegetable matter and passes it through several carding rollers that card the fibers but does not align the fibers parallel as in combed top.

Pure and simple washing, dyeing and carding of the fibers gives you an easy to draft, airy preparation great for spinning a woolen or semi-worsted style yarn.

All of the fibers in this blend are currently still growing in the United States.
Wool/Alpaca/Mohair: totally renewable resources.

Price: $18.00
Weight: 4 oz